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Random Soul - Mysterious (Feat Richard Earnshaw Remixes)

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Random Soul - "Mysterious" Feat Richard Earnshaw and Yogi & Husky Remixes Welcome to the debut single from Random Soul's long awaited album, "LIVE FOR THE MOMENT". "MYSTERIOUS" is a funky, soulful bomb that just has to be in the wallet of any DJ/fan that calls himself a funky house lover. It's captivating vocals from YOGI, 70's synth & rhodes work, funk guitar and live bass from NICK NORTON just puts this track in a league of its own. It's designed to get your body moving and we haven't stopped since we've been playing it! On the remix is the soulful master himself, RICHARD EARNSHAW. At the top of the soulful house scene for over a decade, it's easy to see why. Richard offers a clever batch of hybrid remixes, combining his soulful roots and his deeper side with some "SPIRITCHASER" vibes poking through. We're delighted to welcome Mr Earnshaw and know that these remixes will be played and loved for many years to come. They are nothing but class a from a classy gentleman of the scene. "YOGI & HUSKY" then take a turn and get bouncy-ass and all dance floor on their sound. Their mix takes a deeper, bass heavy approach to Mysterious. Using hypnotic chords and building sections, this one is straight to the deep house room, for some big bass action. Don't be fooled though, it's not something that's destined for the side room, cause this can bring the noise in a big room way.

This offer contains:

-RSR024 1. Random Soul - Mysterious (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
-RSR024 2. Random Soul - Mysterious (Richard Earnshaw Dub)
-RSR024 3. Random Soul - Mysterious (Yogi & Husky Vocal)
-RSR024 5. Random Soul - Mysterious (Richard Earnshaw Instrumental)
-RSR024 4. Random Soul - Mysterious (Extended Mix)
-RSR024 6. Random Soul - Mysterious (Richard Earnshaw Dubstrumental)
-RSR024 7. Random Soul - Mysterious (Yogi & Husky Instrumental)
-RSR024 8. Random Soul - Mysterious (Extended Instrumental)

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